Dive into another world

"Vähring, VS 54, S266" - these are the names of sunken shipwrecks. Those wrecks are lying in front of Fehmarn on the bottom of the Baltic Sea and are waiting to be discovered by you.

Fehmarn by land is already impressive, Fehmarn from the water is unique, but Fehmarn under water is simply incredible. The diving school Atlantis in Wulfen/Fehmarn invites beginners, advanced and experienced divers to explore Fehmarn's underwater world.

Our cooperation partner runs the independent Atlantis diving base. We invite you to discover a whole new world underwater. Due to the protected location, diving in the Baltic Sea is possible under almost all weather conditions. A boat specially designed to use in the Baltic Sea brings you safely and quickly to the most beautiful dive sites and wrecks around Fehmarn. The best visibility in the Baltic Sea is in the low season. Of course, you can also fill your diving bottle or lend the equipment in the diving school. For hotel guests car parks are available at the diving base.

Snorkeling and scuba diving is an known leisure activity. In order to give you an impression of this beautiful sport, the diving school regularly organizes taster courses during the high season.

With Atlantis, jump into the refreshing wet without any obligation. The equipment is available for rent and an experienced diving instructor is provided.
Please bring bathing clothes, towel and bath lavatory.
Adolescents under the age of 18 need the permission from their parents!